Clear Quartz Necklace, Agate Gemstone Pendant, Electroformed Jewelry, Large Crystal Necklace


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Electroformed clear quartz crystal and agate suspended from copper chain.

All items comes with heavenly smelling natural handmade incenses as a gift.

Everything else on this pendant is copper, including the chain and you can also choose your desired lenght. Copper is varnished to protect the color longer.

Electroforming is a fantastic process that enables you to deposit copper to conductive places. It takes anywhere between 12-72 hours to electroform a pendant. That depends on the detail and the area to cover. All the pieces go through design, epoxy, electroforming, oxidization, polishing, varnishing phases. It is a multi-step process and takes time but definitely worth every minute. It's is truly magical and gives the craft a kind of look that belongs to nature.

Every item is handmade  with care, love and passion.

“In the crystal, we have a clear record of the existence of a formative life principle, although apart from all we can not understand the life of crystals – it is still a living being.” – Nicole Tesla


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